Prospective Tenants





Administration fee: Each applicant is required to pay the sum of £84.00 including VAT (£70.00 plus VAT) to Miles and Son, this should be paid as soon as a property has been decided upon and an application form submitted. This covers referencing (identity, immigration and visa confirmation, obtaining references from current or previous employers, landlords plus a character reference and any other relevant information to assess affordability) as well as contract negotiation (amending and agreeing terms) and arranging the tenancy and agreement.

If the applicant should decide they do not wish to continue with their application, or (depending on the circumstances) if the applicant is not approved by the landlord then the fee will be retained by Miles and Son.

Guarantor fee: If a guarantor is required they will also have to go through our application/referencing procedure. They will need to complete a separate form and pay a fee of £84.00 including VAT (£70.00 plus VAT) ) which covers referencing, preparing a Deed of Guarantee as part of the Tenancy Agreement and issuing a copy to both parties. They will need to provide details of three referees that we can write to and be able to prove that they could afford to pay the rent for the entire term of the tenancy agreement. Their acceptance as your guarantor is subject to approval by the owner of the property. If the applicant should decide they do not wish to continue with their application, or (depending on the circumstances) if either you or the guarantor is not approved by the landlord then the fee will be retained by Miles and Son.

If the applicant should decide they do not wish to go ahead or if either you or your guarantor is not accepted by the landlord the fee will be retained by Miles and Son.


Extension of Tenancy and Addendum to Contract fee: £43.20 Including VAT (£36.00 plus VAT)  To arrange an extension of any Assured Shorthold Tenancy or an Addendum to contract for any other reason, a fee of is payable.  This covers contract negotiation, amending terms, issuing the addendum to contract for both parties to sign and providing copies to both parties.

Renewal fee:  If a new tenancy agreement is required at any time a fee of £84.00 including VAT (£70 plus VAT) will be payable to cover contract negotiation, amending and updating terms, arranging a further tenancy and agreement and supplying copies to the landlord and tenant.

Declaration of Surrender of Tenancy: If the landlord and tenant agree to end a tenancy before the end of a fixed term we will make a charge of £150.00 including VAT (£125.00 plus VAT) to the party making the request. This covers drawing up the required document and providing it to both parties for their signatures.


Rent & Deposit: The equivalent of one months rent is payable as a damages deposit, plus one months rent in advance, both of which must be clear with us on or before the day the tenancy commences.

References: The names and addresses of at least three references will be required. At least one reference must be from your current landlord and employer and one from a person of professional standing. A second landlord’s reference will be collected if you have been renting your current property less than six months. If you have been at your current employment less than two years we may also request a reference from a previous employer. If you are self employed we will require a reference from your accountant. Please note that under no circumstances can we collect bank or mortgage references, if these are requested by the landlord they must be collected by the tenant and forwarded to us. Please note it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that references are forthcoming to Miles and Son. Any delay in receiving these references may affect the start date of any proposed tenancy.

One Month’s Rent in Advance: In ALL cases, one month’s rent must be paid and cleared on or before the start date of the tenancy agreement. All future payments must be made to Miles and Son (or in some cases the landlord) by monthly Standing Order payments on or before the date indicated in the tenancy agreement.

Damages Deposit: A Damages Deposit of one month’s rent is required towards liability of the Tenant referred to in the agreement. This must be paid and cleared with us on or before the day the tenancy commences. If damages occur due to the tenant, which exceed the damages deposit, the tenant shall upon request, immediately pay a further sum to restore it to the amount specified. The deposit will be fully refunded (by cheque or bank transfer) at the end of the tenancy (in line with current deposit legislation) if the owner is satisfied that there is nothing to be deducted after the final inspection of the property. A forwarding address should be provided.

 Liability of Bills: Tenants are liable for council tax, electricity, gas, oil, water rates, television and telephone charges for usage of their services. Tenants are responsible for reading meters and for all final bills.

Pets: Pets may be only be kept in a property providing written permission from the owner has been granted. The tenant must have carpets, curtains and soft furnishings professionally cleaned at the end of the tenancy.

Notice to Vacate: All Assured Shorthold Tenancies by law are subject to a minimum of two months notice (from a rent day) in writing by the landlord and a minimum of one months notice in writing (from a rent day) by the tenant.

Inventories: If an inventory has been supplied by the landlord, then a copy of this will be given to the Tenant and must be thoroughly checked and returned to Miles and Son within 48 hours of entry. Any damage or imperfections on entry should be noted on this. On departure, the Tenant should check again all items stated are in the property and advise Miles and Son of any damage. If it is not returned within this time then we will assume that you are in complete agreement with the contents of the inventory. The Property should be left in the same condition (taking into account fair wear and tear) as it was at the outset of the tenancy.

Responsibility to pay Rent: Under an Assured Shorthold Tenancy the Tenant has the responsibility for payment of rent for the full term. If therefore, you wish to vacate the premises prior to the end of the term (subject to the landlord agreeing to this), you will be responsible for payment of the rent and all bills for the balance of the term.

Application process: Upon receipt of a completed application form Miles and Son will begin sending for your references. As soon as all the references have been returned to us they will be sent to the owners together with a copy of your application form. They will then decide whether they are happy to accept you as a tenant and, once we have been advised of their decision, you will be informed as quickly as possible. Assuming you are accepted a start date for the tenancy will be agreed. A tenancy agreement will then be drawn up and sent to both parties for signing.