Holiday Star Rating Guide

This is purely to assist you in your choice of property, but we must stress that the ratings are an assessment made by this firm based on opinions of previous hirers and our experience gained over the years in arranging self-catering holidays. The star(s) symbol does not in any way relate to that used in the Hotel industry and further it must be borne in mind that these properties are nearly all Holiday/Second Homes and the standard and quality of furnishings in most cases reflect this. Our assessments were made last Autumn, when this brochure was prepared, and subsequent occupancies and/or alterations will not be reflected.

Where no stars appear the property was not prepared for holiday hiring when we inspected.

Budget accommodation, very basic in all respects.

Adequately maintained, but furnishings and fittings may well not be modern.

Middle of the range property, which has been maintained and furnished for holiday needs.

Maintained to a relatively good standard and every effort made with the furnishings and equipment including washing machine.

Good condition, well decorated and furnished, well equipped or alternatively some special features.